We’ve got some awesome feedback!

Thank you all who filled in the post-workshop survey. We are very happy that you seem to be satisfied with how the workshop went and since we are so proud about the positive feedback, we thought that we would share it with you.


“All three parts are highly relevant for nowadays researchers. It was great to learn and practice with other PhDs.”



“It was very practical and interactive and really forced us to use all the knowledge we recieved immediately.”
We appreciate if you also took time to give us some ideas for improvements. This workshop evolved as a much bigger thing than we originally had in mind, mainly because we wanted to make it available to as many PhD students as possible, and we know there were some parts we could have done differently, for example:
  • planning for more time for the science communication part
  • book the rooms much more in advance, so that we can have adjacent rooms
  • better thinking through the final project exercise
“That it was short, concise and handled important subjects.”

On the other hand,  what warms our hearts is the fact that everybody found something to like about this workshop and while there is a lot of overlap in what you considered the best aspect of the workshop, there is also quite some varity, which means that we’ve managed to prepare a blend in some way useful for everybody (I hope) and that you picked up different things depedning on your needs. The aspects you liked most about this workshop include

  • being relevant and interactive
  • the great selection of relevant speakers
  • the atmosphere – all lecturers and students were very enthusiastic and motivated to learn these skills
  • and the social aspect of meeting students from other departments

“Participants were willing to communicate, speakers managed to bring people together. Great speaker selection!”

So the follow-up question is what next. The incredibly positive feedback puts a bit of pressure on us and many of you were indeed asking about this workshop taking place in future.

“This course felt like something I would have wanted when I started here. Please make it for all PhD students.”

We agree that having this kind of a workshop/course on a regularly, probably biannual, basis would be great, but in two years we either won’t be here anymore, or we’ll just be busy finishing our studies. So now it’s more up to discussions with the BioResearch School about how to handle this kind of workshop in a sustainable manner. If we have any news, we will for sure share them through the departmental channels and at our Facebook page.


Join our new Facebook group

To keep our new network alive, let’s connect on social media. Naomi has created a Facebook group “Workshop Science Communication, Networking, Time Management” and we really want all of you to join us there. 


Also, if you have a Twitter account, try to tweet something with our #collaborationws16 hashtag, so that we can easily find and follow each other.


Our workshop will finish with a final project where you are expected to connect with students from other disciplines and design a collaborative project. If practicing all of the new tricks and tools wasn’t enough, we prepared a little motivation in form of a prize. And the prize is…


You will get plants and you have to collaborate on keeping them alive. Just kiddin’. You get a plant to put on your table and remind you from time to time to invest a bit of time in science communication, networking, and time management optimization.