The workshop will finish with a final project where participants are expected to use the knowledge and tools acquired throughout the workshop.

Participants will be split into small groups and they will have to prepare a hypothetical project, where they first have to communicate their competences and expertise to each other. Based on the commonalities, they should formulate a hypothesis, propose methods to test this hypothesis, figure out the role of each collaborator and sketch a time schedule for the experimental work in that project. The results should then be pitched to a target group that is drawn from a target group lottery. Participants will have 10-15 minutes to prepare for that pitch. The best project/pitch will be awarded.

Notice that the purpose of the exercise is not finding a 100% scientifically correct research question and ways to address it. Rather then that, participants are expected to practice collaboration skills and can, thus, design a project anywhere on the scale between serious and absurd, as long as they are able to deliver a hypothesis, tasks, time schedule and presentation.