Science Communication

Amy Parachnowitch

Lovisa Wennerström at Department of Zoology

Get inspiration for communicating your science from or here @OK_maps. Category: tips&tricks

Communicated science

Great Science Communication also happens at Stockholm’s Do-It-Yourself biology (DIY bio) space Bionyfiken


Sarah Blackford’s blog

Sarah’s book Career Planning for Research Bioscientists

Alaina G. Levine’s book Networking for Nerds: Find, Access and Land Hidden Game-Changing Career Opportunities Everywhere recommended by Sarah Blackford

Johan Eklöf’s networks:

the Zostera Experiment Network
the Nordic Seagrass Network
the EU COST network “Seagrasses – from genes to productivity”

Vancouver rules for co-authorship  Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly work in Medical Journals.

Time management

Åsa Burman’s book on finishing PhD in time Bli klar i tid och må bra på vägen : handbok för doktorander (in Swedish)