Workshop provided by FINISH ON TIME

The objective is to provide you with a toolbox for increased academic productivity.

The background is that we often focus on what/the content of our work, but sometimes we forget to pay attention to our own work process, or how we work, think, and act. However, the process is important for finishing your work on time and feel well during the process. As individuals, we often have one main strategy, or a certain way of thinking and acting, to deal with a variety of situations. Often, our main strategy works fine, but when we encounter new situations, we might need a greater variety of strategies. This workshop is designed to provide you with new strategies applicable to your situation. In other words, to shift focus to the how/the process of your work.

More specifically, you will learn three productivity tools – the 80/20 principle; focusing on the end product; the unit approach – and apply them to your own work situation. These tools serve to reinforce each other, are easy to implement and have large impact. This workshop is greatly appreciated among researchers and have been given at the University of California, Berkeley, The Royal Technical Institute (KTH) and Lund University.


• Trying new productivity tools which are easy to implement and with large impact

• Increased sense of and actual control through practical productivity exercises

• Sharing of best practices among participants